Buying A Home

With Jennifer Trieste

From First Time Home Buyers to experienced investors, Jennifer will help strengthen your position as a serious buyer when you are ready to negotiate with the seller of your dream home investment. You will be on the pulse of the market and have access to many reputable companies and sources to assist you in becoming a qualified buyer. From beginning to end of the home buying process, Jennifer and her family team will be there every step of the way to you owning your dream home and beyond.

1: Becoming Pre- Qualified or Pre-Approved

It is HIGHLY recommended that if you are interested in purchasing a home, to take this as your first step before actively searching for your desired real estate.  Many sellers require either a pre-qualification letter or a pre-approval letter.

This is the most important step to take towards purchasing your home. Your financing makes all the difference in the world on what kind of house you are able to purchase, and I am not just talking about price. 


You must be qualified for the seller to consider your offer at all. By becoming pre-qualified or pre-approved, you are acknowledging to the seller that you are capable of purchasing the house. 

Pre-Qualification Letter is a letter from a lender that specifies the amount they are willing to loan the buyer.  Different from a Pre-Qualification letter, a Pre-Approval Letter indicates to the seller that the buyer is able to secure appropriate financing and able to purchase the property and puts the buyer in a stronger position when placing an offer on a house against other interested parties.


For more information on home loans and financial assistance, you can contact one of these experienced mortgage lenders and let them know Jennifer Trieste from Renaissance Real Estate sent you.

Disclaimer: Jennifer Trieste & Renaissance Real Estate proudly promotes companies that we feel have a great track record in customer service and performance. We do not have any compensatory arrangements or affiliations with these companies. 



2: Hire Your Expert Real Estate Guide, Jennifer

When working with Jennifer, you will:

  • Receive guidance from beginning to closing, and during your home ownership

  • Receive honest and ethical treatment in all transaction-related matters

  • Have access to your own personal portal to view and save properties in the MLS System

  • Receive immediate updates on properties when they become available in your desired area

  • Have all showings and tours coordinated and scheduled by Jennifer

  • Have access with Jennifer to tour any property listed in the MLS System by other agencies

  • Be provided with objective information about each property and data to help you determine if the property has what you need

  • Have prepared for you necessary contracts and a thorough explanation all paperwork from offer to closing

  • Be in a power position when placing an offer on your dream property

  • Have Jennifer handle negotiations with other real estate agents or sellers


Step 3: Start Shopping For Your Ideal Home

This is definitely the fun part! Now... before you start writing your wish list...

Your financing makes all the difference in the world on what kind of house you are able to purchase, and I am not just talking about price. For more information on this, talk with your mortgage lender and real estate agent about this. I cannot stress enough that it is very important to do step 1!

Once you have become pre-approved or pre-qualified, and you have discussed your housing needs with Jennifer, now is the time to start the house hunt!

Ask yourself these questions:

- How many beds & baths?

- What area(s) do I wish to live in?

- Single Family Home or Attached Housing (condo, townhouse, or villa?)

- How long do I plan to live in this home?

- Will I plan on making this a future investment home?

- Do I want a home with a Home Owner's Association?

- Does this area allow pets or have breed restrictions? (Common in HOA's)

- Do I want a turnkey home or a home needing a little TLC?

- What is my budget for housing expenses and utilities?

- What are my negotiables and non-negotiables with my home? 

Renaisance Buying-Process-graphic.jpg