Top Bathroom Amenities You Need In Your Airbnb

If you are thinking about becoming a host or are wanting to upgrade your listing, here are the top things you need to provide in your bathroom to give your guests the deluxe experience they are looking for.

The links I provide in this article are all items I use in my Airbnbs and have had stellar customer feedback.

For The Bathroom

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Deluxe Toiletries

Shampoos & Soaps

Terra Pure Hotel Soaps and Toiletries Bulk Set

This is the top item my guests have raved about. The smell is very clean and gender neutral and made with natural and organic ingredients.

The travel containers are very stylish and luxurious looking.

I recommend beginning with the smaller bulk set of 75 pieces if you have one Airbnb to try it out .

A more eco friendly option would be purchasing prefilled pump bottles and purchasing refillable liquid separately. For the refillable pump bottle option, you can click here to view product details.

Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap -Basil

Our guests have complimented this soap more than others we have tried. The scent is very fresh, soap gentle on hands, and it is the most eco friendly option we have used.

We use a decorative soap pump that matches our bathroom's theme and purchase the hand soap refill.

Luxury Bonus Toiletries

The little things certainly count and can bring a deluxe experience for your guests.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Towelette Singles

These little towelettes are a gem for my guests. Not everyone uses them, but I have been thanked many times for providing these by guests who may have forgotten or run out of their makeup remover. I also provide special dark makeup towels to help keep my white linens and towels makeup free.

TRAVELWELL Hotel Toiletries Mouthwash

This individually wrapped hotel toiletries style mouthwash is the best value I have found for my Airbnb. I even take a few with me on my personal trips. It is very refreshing, gentle, and I normally provide one per guest who stays so everyone can have their own.

My guests have gravitated to this particular mouthwash because of the freshness and they have stated it is not as harsh as other alcohol based mouthwash.

Eco Friendly Bamboo Toothbrushes

Life happens and sometimes travelers lose their toiletries when they are on the road. There are plenty of bulk toothbrush options available for guests. I recommend trying to purchase as much eco friendly as you can. Not every guest uses these, but it adds to their appreciation for you providing the "little things."

Twin Blade Partially Biodegradable Razors

All guests will thank you for providing these. I can't tell y

ECO amenities Dental Kit Bundle with Shave Kit

Here is my second alternative that I have used in my Airbnb. Each kit is individually wrapped for sanitary purposes. I use these as a backup due to the toothbrush and razor are plastic, but guests still love these and find them very helpful.

ECO Amenities Hotel Vanity Set

Another "little things" item that will help your guests immensely. Each kit is individually wrapped containing 2 cotton swabs, 2 cotton pads, and one nail file.

Bath & Makeup Towels