Why Airbnb Is A Great Side Hustle For Full Time Income

Many of us have seen Airbnb's pop up in our neighborhoods. If you have not yet stayed in an Airbnb rental when you travel, I highly suggest you try it, it may change the way you travel forever.


Airbnb revolutionized a whole new vacation rental experience for both home owners and guests. Not only does Airbnb calculate and pay the taxes to the state for hosts, they even offer Aircover insurance for both hosts and guests. They basically have made it very easy for any new host to start a side business in their home or rental by taking care of the harder things for vacation rental owners up front.

Experienced Airbnb guests prefer this way of travel stays over hotels because of the additional privacy, being in an environment that feels more like a home, can choose from an array of experiences or themed places, and can find an Airbnb that fits within their preferred budget.

The Airbnb model has truly given home owners and guests ultimate power to connect and be a part of something bigger: to make vacation experiences more unique, bring more revenue and enterprise to communities, and to expand options for all kinds of travelers.

Hosts are empowered to earn an income by providing lodging, from a single bed to a mansion and everything in between.


My first Airbnb experience was about 5 years ago. My boyfriend at the time and I went to Orlando and needed a place to stay for 3 nights. We had dietary restrictions and wanted to try to find a hotel or place where we could store and cook food. This is where we stumbled upon Airbnb and our minds exploded. We could not believe we could rent an entire townhouse with a full kitchen, fully furnished and had all the amenities possible for about the same price as an average hotel stay. This was perfect for our needs.

Once I started investing in real estate with my fiancée in 2020, we saw the amazing potential of our city and knew we had to begin our journey with vacation rentals. Our first experience was an attached unit on our property. We rehabbed the entire living space and exterior. It has been one of the best investment and heart serviced based decisions we have taken in our entrepreneurial journey.


When I decided to do my first Airbnb, I committed myself to become a magnificent host... I wanted to go for the Superhost status. For those who know my teachings, they know I believe in providing heart centered services, which essentially means when you feel like you are providing a service with nurturing care for your client. With Airbnb, hosts are able to provide guests a relaxing and rejuvenating space during their travels.

I absolutely love to host gatherings or family parties to bring a joyful experience to others, being an Airbnb host is no different for me. I truly feel fulfilled when our guests let us know they have enjoyed their stay. One of the most stated remarks is "thank you so much for providing the little things!"


Our first listing was a 1 bed 1 bath private unit with a separate living space and its own entrance. In my first few months of hosting we provided a really generous discount for the first 5 stays. I was shocked to see that we still made $1,800 a month even after the discounts and with only 16 nights booked each month. This particular rental unit's statistics varies each month, but we now average about $2,500.

Earnings can vary in each geological area, city and type of housing provided, but for us this was a big win and a huge blessing.

Here are the perks for why Airbnb can be a great side hustle or full time service:

  • Use your creativity to its full potential for making a unique vacation space

  • Earn passive income by providing housing for travelers, short term or long term renters

  • List on the Airbnb site for done for you advertising, customer service support, host support, and Aircover for both hosts and guests

  • Set your own house rules to attract your ideal guests that treat your space with respect


I want to just let you know, that if you are truly serious about hosting your own Airbnb, that it can be achieved!

A an Airbnb Superhost Ambassador, I would be very happy to help you begin your journey to creating your own Airbnb entrepreneur adventure. You can contact me here on the Airbnb website and we can get you started with your first listing.


Wishing you only the best and much success,

Jenn Trieste xoxo

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